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Target date funds are the darlings of the skittish post-2008 investor, the new-hire and the plan sponsor who believes they are doing the right thing by their employees. In fact,   they may not answer it at all.

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Learn about identity theft and take action to protect yourself.

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And while the family is gathered, perhaps a conversation with your older relatives about money is in order.   How to talk to older relatives about their finances

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The idea of death is an uncomfortable thought for many people. It is an unknown in life that can bring feelings of sorrow and fear. Here is some important information and valuable resources about Life Insurance and Your Family

The key to financial success comes with education. One of of the keys to this success is calculating the cost of loans and borrowing and how it impacts your personal finances. Here are some important   personal finance and loan calculator resources

to help.

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  How mortgage insurance could hold up the housing recovery

Your Home in   Reverse

  More on mortgages and homes

  Are you VA loan eligible?

Use your benefits to save with a VA loan or streamline refinance.

Often the obvious sources of cash flow are overlooked. Can   factoring help your small business?

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Financial management resources help business owners prepare for the inevitable. Are you ready?

Eventually they will wear you down. How do you listen to the ETF chatter and understand the investment risks?   ETFs and Fixed income

  Your 401(k): As Good as You Make It

What worries stock pickers?
  On correlation

Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average still relevant?
  On Investing in the Dow

  Do dividends matter?

Can you still build a retirement plan that will actually allow you to retire?
  Caveat Emptor or what is "ordinary purpose"?

Are women different from men when it comes to their retirement plans? We asked an expert for her take on the subject of   women and investing, women and financial planning and of course, women and retirement.

Are target date funds one of the ways you can put your investor mind at ease? We asked an expert about   target date funds or TDFs.

on investing: recently

While economists continue to discuss a tentative economic recovery, traders are finding it difficult to put their faith in a sustainable period of growth. Should you   seek solace in emerging markets?

Did you know that there can be more to investing in real estate than simply buying a house? In fact, you should consider   REITs or real estate investment trusts in your portfolio.

Here's why!

on retirement

A lot of us just assume we will be able to get a mortgage in retirement. Is your   mortgage part of your retirement plan?

If we have to work longer,   will dividends save our retirement plans?

Using metaphors for retirement such as "journey" or "financial highway" conjure up images of something languid and purposeful, even if the destination is less clear.
  Your Financial Highway to Retirement

Is it your plan to retire early? How to keep the dream alive.
  Three things to consider about retiring early.

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on investing

  Do Mutual Fund Managers Matter?

Five ways to come make peace with   your inner investor and risk.

Mutual Fund investors have advantages.   Are those advantages clear?

We can't really help ourselves. And increasingly, when it comes to investing and retirement planning and simply making personal finance decisions, there is an incredibly large chance we will do so with our emotions.
  Investing Heart in Hand

Can you make money spread betting?

Can you make money by investing in casino gambling?

Traditional index funds are market weighted. This simply means that these funds have holdings that are based on the amount of investor dollars each holds or the company's capitalization.
But there are other options to   index weighting

Here's what to know about   financing a car.

Life as a financial trader can be extremely unpredictable, whether you choose to trade currencies, equities or boast a diverse financial portfolio. Here's how you can   use financial trading to access a second source of income.

Retirement Planning is one thing for certain. It is definitely not working.
  What is Retirement?

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